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One Lovely Blog Award

We received Lovely Blog Award from Kelly Graham.  She is a mixed media artist in New Zealand.  Her work is very colorful, warm and playful.  Also her style is very unique.   If you haven’t done so, please check her site at You will be inspired.  Thank you so much, Kelly, for nominating us for the award.

We’d like to pass this award to the following bloggers.  Congratulations!

  • Just Innocent Comics by Serenaif  …  Italian comic artist who can surely make you laugh.
  • Simply Charming … Just by reading her charming blogs, you will feel positive energy.
  • Honjii’s Harangues … We love Honjii’s humorous satire and sarcasm.
  • Lost in Town … If you want to peak into a life in Rome, you’re in the right place.
  • Kitty Bloger … So many funny and cute kitty stuff in one site.  It can be addictive even as a dog person.
  • Sean’s World … Everything from funny pictures, politics, youtube videos, science, humors to insightful writing.
  • Paper Crane Heart … She has a great collection of beautiful art, but more than anything, her own work is amazingly cute.

Once again, thank you all for visiting our site.



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Versatile Award

We were nominated for the Versatile Award by J.E.Lattimer, a writer of Mysteries of the Wasteland.

If you haven’t done so, please visit his site. It’s so fascinating to see the collection of his great work. He even creates some of his art pieces by just using mirrors and lights.

We’d like to nominate the following bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. … Colleen is a talented photographer. We enjoy beautiful moments she captures with her camera, and her photo challenges are pretty impressive! … His page is full of ideas including cool designs, fashions, interior, street art, and even unique food idea. It always puts us in a creative mode. … Basically he draws things people asked him to draw. Some are challenging & hilarious, like “Snooki & Fergie feeding Kim Kardashian a KFC double down” or “a donkey on a roller coaster” but he always does a brilliant job. … He is a Filipino teenage manga artist who can draw amazingly. It’s almost embarrassing to see our drawings after seeing his work. He also provides many tips and advices for drawing too. … We love going through their sites. It’s very simple with a photo and words that make you feel or think something. We guarantee you will always find something you like in their site. … Myau Myau’s photo gallery introduces many aspects of life in Japan from colorful flower, daily life and temples. You feel like you are experiencing beautiful four seasons in Japan through her site. … We love his humorous cartoon. His cartoon characters are actually pretty cute… we better learn how to use Inkscape too.

Thanks everyone for supporting Panda & Deer and Konekos.

This has been such an amazing process to meet many talented people.

Pedo Koneko

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