ABC Award

Hi everyone. This is Panda Smith.

When I returned from the Bay, a great surprise awaited for me. EllaDee nominated us for the ABC (Awesome Blog Contest) Award! EllaDee is a creative writer in Australia who sheds lights on variety of events in the life. Thank you, EllaDee, for giving us this award!

The ABC award asks the recipient to name 26 alphabetical things about themselves. Since it is taking too long for our creators to come up with 26 things to say (as expected), please allow me to take the honor to accept the award and thank our readers for their continuous support.

Instead of writing about me from A through Z, I should focus on only letters that are important in this world.

So here it is!

And I’d like to nominate the following bloggers.

20 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats! That’s so awesome!


  2. Congratulations!


  3. Congratulations and thank you very much !


  4. Congratulations, and thank you for nominating me!


  5. Congratulations! Thanks again for giving us this award!
    Bella and DiDi


  6. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to checking out your nominees 🙂


  7. Totally brilliant way to respond to the ABC prompt–P A N D A! Hooray for your interpretations on all things!


  8. Hooray for Panda! Congratulations!


  9. Yeah! Yahoo! & Congratulations!


  10. Congratulations!!!


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